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Rogz Alpinist K2 Black multi-purpose lead 160cm Large

Rogz Alpinist K2 multi-purpose dog lead 160 cm Large

This lead can be adjusted for use in 6 ways

  • long lead
  • medium lead
  • short lead
  • double lead
  • shoulder lead
  • temporary tie

Medium - Matterhorn : 160 cm x 16 mm (0,6in)

Large - K2 : 160 cm x 20 mm (0,8in)

XLarge - Everest : 160 cm x 25 mm (1,0in)

for medium Dogz - Spaniel, Boxer, ....

Available in 160 cm lengths and can be adjusted to use in 6 ways.

Rogz Alpinist

Soft Webbing - ROGZ high grade webbing is soft on the hands, but still great durability. Joins are box-stitched, for strength and security.

product color:black
Product type:multi-purpose dog lead

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I bought this lead to replace an old ROGZ lead that has survived 3 dogs over 20 years. I once used 2 of them to lower my 100kg down a steep river bank to rescue a puppy. The best lead you can buy.

Rated by Jon
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All I can say about these is - I’ve had one for about 25 years! I kind of want a new one but there’s nothing wrong with my old one which has been passed down through all my dogs. I also volunteer at the dogs home and use it there as well. I have a similar Halti lead (same idea) that someone gave to me but it’s nowhere near as good.

Rated by Nicola
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We have had a lead like this one before and were impressed with the versatility of it so were not disappointed.

Rated by Jackie
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I feel this is the perfect dog lead. Soft in the hand, but strong for holding your dog. The two lengths are perfect close for strong control, and looser for more freedom. In its close configuration it slings over your shoulder when your dog is off the lead. I bought one many years ago and it served very well. Now I have a new pup I've bought a new one, and it still fulfills all my needs.

Rated by Terry
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