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Rogz Utility safety quick release magnetic collar - XLarge

Rogz Dog collar


Medium - snake : 27-39 cm x 1,6 cm (10-15")

Large - fanbelt : 33-48 cm x 2,0 cm (13-19")

XLarge - lumberjack : 42-66 cm x 2,5 cm (16-25")

for large Dogz - Labrador, Rotweiler, Bouvier , ....

Our 4x4, Shaken-not-Stirred Range of Utility gear for adventurous dogs adds this tech-savvy new range of dog collars to the mix. Our Safety Collar has a quick-release magnetic buckle that opens when pressure is applied, reducing the chance of strangulation or injury while engaging in two-dog play.
We have an added elastic behind the quick-release buckle to avoid losing the collar entirely if and when snagged.
Made with high grade components and snag-proof nylon webbing, our Safety Collar is fitted with a built-in elastic and quick-release magnetic buckle to ensure your dog has an escape option if snagged.
This collar is a safer option to avoid accidental choking when your dog is left unattended. The quick-release buckle is easily stretched open and closed, making it easy and convenient to slip over your dog's head. Once your Safety Collar is correctly fitted for the first time, you are good to go!
A single reflective yarn is woven into both edges of the webbing for great night-time visibility. No need to restrict where you take your dog, the reflective stitching pops in natural sunlight and illuminates in the dark when light reflects off the webbing, making your furry friend visible and ensuring their safety in various conditions.

Stretch Escape
Snag Safe
Quick Fit
Reflective Stitching