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Rogz Utility Nitelife Purple Small Step-In Dog Harness

Rogz Utility Nitelife Small Dog Harness

Rogz Utility dog harness

chest circumference :  20 - 35 cm (8-14")

neck circumference : 20 - 30 cm  (8-12")

for puppies & small Dogz - Toy Poodles,Chihuahua....


Size Chest Circumference Neck Circumference Width
Small 20 - 35 cm 20 - 30 cm 1.2 cm
Medium 30 - 50 cm 26 - 38 cm 1.6 cm
Large 45 - 75 cm 34 - 54 cm 2.0 cm
XLarge 60 - 95 cm 43 - 70 cm 2.5 cm

Rogz Utility
Reflective Stitching - Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility.
Contoured Plastic Component - ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snuggly.

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I was having difficulty getting a harness to fit my puppy pappion. I ordered Rogz small purple step in harness which arrived on time. It was well made and true to size. I would not hesitate to recommend this good quality harness .

Rated by Diana

Hi, My tiny chihuahua looks so good in her first harness, And it fits a treat. And such a lovely colour I would like to recommend the harness

Rated by Mike

I've struggled so much to find a step-in harness that's small enough to fit my little Chihuahua, found this and its absolutely perfect! It's lightweight and very well made. Really happy with my purchase.

Rated by Mel

Lovely harness,only drawback is that the Central under body strap is not stitched onto harness at each end.can be a bit akward sometimes.

Rated by Andra Garside
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