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Rogz Utility Lumberjack Purple XLarge Dog Harness

Rogz Utility Lumberjack XLarge Dog Harness

Rogz Utility dog harness

chest circumference : 60 - 95 cm (23-37")

neck circumference : 43 - 70 cm (17-29")

for large dogz - Collie, Rotweiler, Mastif,....


Size Chest Circumference Neck Circumference Width
Small 20 - 35 cm 20 - 30 cm 1.2 cm
Medium 30 - 50 cm 26 - 38 cm 1.6 cm
Large 45 - 75 cm 34 - 54 cm 2.0 cm
XLarge 60 - 95 cm 43 - 70 cm 2.5 cm

Rogz Utility
Reflective Stitching - Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility.
Contoured Plastic Component - ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snuggly.
RogLoc - RogLoc is the Fort Knox of release buckles.
Die-cast ring - Custom designed die cast ring (no welding). Electroplated chrome for a tarnish free finish.

product color:purple
Product type:dog harness

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Ordered the ROGZ Harness because I had seen a similar harness on WDJ blog and this was exactly the same design but a better price. I was very impressed with the quality, everything fits and works perfectly and it fits nice and snug on my chunky chocolate lab. It does slip a little during play or rough and tumble but this was the case with the WDJ blog harness as well and it very clearly doesn't bother or restrict my dog at all. I think it's because I bought the buckle version as opposed to the over head version and the design is completely symmetrical but the extra buckle adds weight on one side? But that's just a theory :) All in all, VERY happy with my purchase. Would 100% purchase again and will be coming back for a matching collar/dogtag/lead when needed. :-)

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