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Rogz Utility Fanbelt Purple multi-purpose lead 160cm Large

Rogz Utility Fanbelt Multi-Purpose Dog Lead 160 cm Large

Explore the versatility of the Rogz Utility Fanbelt Multi-Purpose Dog Lead, designed specifically for medium-sized breeds such as Spaniels and Boxers. Measuring 160 cm by 20 mm, this adaptable lead is crafted to enhance your walking experience across six distinct configurations, offering unparalleled control, safety, and adaptability.

Multi-Functional Design:

Revolutionize your walking routine with the capability to adjust the lead for:

  • Long lead for sprawling spaces
  • Medium lead for managed supervision
  • Short lead for navigating through tight crowds
  • Double lead for accompanying two dogs simultaneously
  • Shoulder lead for a hands-off approach
  • Temporary tie for swift, necessary pauses

Customizable Sizes:

The Fanbelt is an integral part of our extensive range that accommodates dogs of different sizes:

  • Medium - Snake: 160 cm x 16 mm (5.25 ft x 0.6 in)
  • Large - Fanbelt: 160 cm x 20 mm (5.25 ft x 0.8 in)
  • XLarge - Lumberjack: 160 cm x 25 mm (5.25 ft x 1.0 in)

Recommended for medium dogs - Spaniel, Boxer,....

The Advantages of a Multi-Purpose Lead:

Not just any ordinary lead, the Rogz Utility Fanbelt Lead is a dynamic, multifunctional tool designed to cater to the varied requirements of dog walking. Perfect for urban exploration or rural adventures, its flexible configurations ensure you're prepared for any situation. The Stop-Pull Steering feature, when paired with a matching harness, significantly enhances control and behavioral training, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable walk.

Enhanced Nighttime Visibility:

As a flagship model within the Rogz Utility Range, the Fanbelt Multi-Purpose Lead is celebrated for its robust construction and longevity. Constructed with superior nylon webbing and integrated with reflective stitching, it guarantees that your dog remains visible and secure in dimly lit environments or during nighttime strolls.

Opt for the Rogz Utility Fanbelt Multi-Purpose Dog Lead for its superior versatility, strength, and safety features. With its capability for multiple uses and reflective detailing, it stands as the perfect companion for medium-sized dog owners seeking optimal control, safety, and fashion for their pets.

product color:purple
Product type:multi-purpose dog lead

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We have this in Turquoise as well as Purple. They are extremely versatile. They wash well. I was delighted to find these when I was looking for multi-purpose leads as they match our dogs collars and normal leads.

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