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Rogz RFO

Rogz Frisbee -  size: 23 cm ( 9" )

Revolutionary Space Holes for steady flight
Soft Catch for comfortable mouth catching without knocking out your canine's canines
RFOs float which is perfect for the game of aqua-fetch
It's easy to pick up so even your older dogs can enjoy the fun

Rogz RFO
Safe Soft - Light weight, no more bleeding gums, worn/broken teeth, cut hands, comfortable to carry
Easy pickup - Thick edge and different size holes assist easy pickup.
Floats - Max visibility with high floating ability and not easily lost.
Fly-rite - Aerodynamic design with holes and counter weight cavity.
Bite-o-Meter (1-5) - 2 - Soft

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we really like this frisbee. its soft so our dog can easily catch it without getting banged on the nose or hurting her teeth. the holes in the frisbee make it easy for the dog to pick up, very useful when playing in different conditions such as tall grass, muddy fields, to pavement. it floats so you can also play at the beach, lake, river, etc. we've found it very durable, the material is spongy/rubber, and after 2yrs worth of play its retained its shape and has just some minor bite marks, which dont compromise the performance in anyway. the only negitive thing i could say is that since its a lighter weight and a bit bulky shaped (which contribute to many of its positive features), it doesnt fly very far, and maybe not as easy throwing as a normal hard plastic frisbee. just gotta work on your technique a bit and avoid those windier days. def would recommend, have bought in a couple different colours.

Rated by Andrew Kim
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