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Rogz RFO

Rogz Frisbee -  size: 23 cm ( 9" )

Revolutionary Space Holes for steady flight
Soft Catch for comfortable mouth catching without knocking out your canine's canines
RFOs float which is perfect for the game of aqua-fetch
It's easy to pick up so even your older dogs can enjoy the fun

Rogz RFO
Safe Soft - Light weight, no more bleeding gums, worn/broken teeth, cut hands, comfortable to carry
Easy pickup - Thick edge and different size holes assist easy pickup.
Floats - Max visibility with high floating ability and not easily lost.
Fly-rite - Aerodynamic design with holes and counter weight cavity.
Bite-o-Meter (1-5) - 2 - Soft

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Fantastic toy for our Labrador dog. He is very fond of water and picks up the disk easely out of the water. When we throw it over the field he can catch it without hurting himself. We and for sure also our dog 'Djurre' is very happy with this new toy. Also the service an dthe delivery were top!! Thanks

Rated by Martine Modderkolk

We are having fun NOW! Easy to throw and glides like a dream. Winnie loves it best becasue she can easily pick it up no matter where it lands. This was an issue with the more traditional firm plastic frisbees, All in all this is the frisbee to get to make you and your dog backyard frisbee champions.

Rated by Beverly Olson
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