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Rogz RFO

Rogz Frisbee -  size: 23 cm ( 9" )

Revolutionary Space Holes for steady flight
Soft Catch for comfortable mouth catching without knocking out your canine's canines
RFOs float which is perfect for the game of aqua-fetch
It's easy to pick up so even your older dogs can enjoy the fun

Rogz RFO
Safe Soft - Light weight, no more bleeding gums, worn/broken teeth, cut hands, comfortable to carry
Easy pickup - Thick edge and different size holes assist easy pickup.
Floats - Max visibility with high floating ability and not easily lost.
Fly-rite - Aerodynamic design with holes and counter weight cavity.
Bite-o-Meter (1-5) - 2 - Soft

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I bought one of these over 2 years ago and my 3 Standard poodles have played with it nearly every day. Still in as new/slightly aged condition. They would destroy any toy previously but this has been a break through. Thank you.

Rated by Judith

Our dogs love 'em. They are great in the water too. Highly recommend them.

Rated by Angie Walkenbach

I was hoping to write a fantastic review on the RFO buuuut Harry the jack russel ate it in about 5 seconds :0( so am very disappointed thats what happened Cheers Angela Harris

Rated by Angela Harris
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