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Rogz RFO

Rogz Frisbee -  size: 23 cm ( 9" )

Revolutionary Space Holes for steady flight
Soft Catch for comfortable mouth catching without knocking out your canine's canines
RFOs float which is perfect for the game of aqua-fetch
It's easy to pick up so even your older dogs can enjoy the fun

Rogz RFO
Safe Soft - Light weight, no more bleeding gums, worn/broken teeth, cut hands, comfortable to carry
Easy pickup - Thick edge and different size holes assist easy pickup.
Floats - Max visibility with high floating ability and not easily lost.
Fly-rite - Aerodynamic design with holes and counter weight cavity.
Bite-o-Meter (1-5) - 2 - Soft

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The best toy ever. Our fifth RFO. The others were lost (our fault) but all lasted really well and our favorite. No broken teeth or any other problems. We are known in the neighbourhood as "The frizbee dog". A really great toy. Thanks.

Rated by Misha

Without a doubt one of the best toys i have ever bought for my Border Collies. I have tried just about every type of frisbee on the market but nothing compares to this product. It is the first one where I don't have to worry about it cutting my dogs gums. If the don't catch it, it is so simple to pick up. It is so easy to throw and control I can place it where I want so that they can catch it. I have been using these frisbees for about five or six years now, I bought two at the time and they are both still in great knick. Do your dog a favour and get this toy, you won't regret it.

Rated by Barry

Best Frisbee there is, my dogs just love them because of the holes in them. Easy to grab. Very sturdy holding up very well to the dogs teeth but don't hurt them. Holding up good to the cold in winter, too. no cracking. very happy.

Rated by Heidi Benson

The absolute BEST dog toy EVER. Completely indestructable, as proved by my destructo-dog German Shepherd ... who has destroyed/eaten more toys in his 7 years than I could afford. I managed to pick one of these up at a pet store that was going out of business here in the U.S. ... and he LOVED it (almost, but not quite, to death). After several years it was so full of tooth-holes the logo was no longer legible--but it was still in one piece! Finding another has been a trial ... but now I see you ship to the U.S., which is very excellent news.

Rated by Jan McLean
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