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Rogz Reflective Mars Blue dog lead 180cm - Small

Rogz Reflective Mars dog lead 180 cm Small


Small - Mars : 180 cm x 1,1 cm (6 ft x 0,5 in)

Medium - Jupiter : 180 cm x 1,6 cm (6 ft x 0,6 in)

Large - Venus : 180 cm x 2,0 cm (6 ft x 0,8 in)

XLarge - Moon : 180 cm x 2,5 cm (6 ft x 1,0 in)

for puppies & small Dogz - Toy Poodles,Chihuahua....

Rogz is introducing a new dog collar and leash system similar to the prominent Beltz product family. The uniqueness of ROGZ Reflective is the collar and the leash system that is completely reflective in its whole length. Its basis is a solid weaving to which the reflective plastic layer is sewn. The layers are padded for you and your dog's comfort.

Rogz Reflective

Softness - Foam strips inserted between the nylon webbing for softness and comfort
Full Reflective Material   -Screen printed onto a reflective surface, bonded to a Polyurethane substrate, fitted over ethylene-vinyl acetate foam strips then twin stitched onto Nylon Webbing.