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Rogz Lighthouse

Rogz Lighthouse


60 x 250 mm (10")

No more lost toys - here is the Rogz Lighthouse.

It's ergonomically designed to tempt your water-loving dog to brave the waves and surf to where it's floating. The eye-catching red and white stripes are irresistible when bobbing in the water, and the cord makes it easy to throw. Play fetch, and get your mutt wet - you'll both end up having a whole lot of fun..... and let's not forget the exercise!

Rogz Lighthouse
Super buoyancy - It floats and stands up just like a lighthouse! Much easier to spot in rough surf as it bobs upright.
Easy throwing - Grab the cord and swing it as far as you can. Easy for kids too.
High visibility - The contrasting red and white stripes are specially visible to dogs and makes it easier for them to fetch their toy in any type of water conditions.
Soft in mouth - Safe and comfortable on your dog’s teeth and gums.
Bite-o-Meter (1-5) - 2 - Soft

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If your dog is a water lover then this is the toy for is simply AWESOME! You can throw it a good 25ft and it bobs about in the surf so is easily spotted, doggie chases it and retrieves it easily. As it is made of rubber it is comfortable in their mouths and the design allows for easy carriage (if your dog is under 25lb they may struggle). Get one! You and your dog will love will be the envy of all the other doggies at the beach!

Rated by Jessica Manson
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