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Rogz Gumz large orange

Rogz large medium

small - 49 mm ( 2” )
medium - 64 mm ( 2.5” )
large - 78 mm ( 3” )

Bounce and Fetch Toy - Soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth, but firm enough to bounce!
Chew Toy  - Designed for dog’s teeth and to build up strength in their jaws.
Treat - Push treats into the hole and watch your dog have hours of fun!
Bite-o-Meter (1-5) - 4 - Hard

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I have dealt with globaldogshop in the past and having bought a Red Dingo Collar, which she continues to wear to date, I came back again to see if I can find a toy she would not destroy in 20 minutes. I bought the Rogz Gumz treat ball after my puppy, an 18 lbs cocker spaniel/poodle, destroyed all her activity balls and toys that were considered "tough" by many pet companies. Rogz Gumz (large) continues to withstand her efforts to dislodge the treats I have put inside by making it a bit more challenging for her. So far, this product is the only product that has no teeth marks or anything coming off of it. I have seen my puppy chew plastic and other materials in the past; however, it has not happened with this product. Moreover, it is the perfect size for my puppy - it is almost the size of a tennis ball! I recommend the Rogz Gumz (large) to dog owners who are looking to find a product that can withstand a dog's desire to bite and chew. (Now, I would like to test this product with our neighbours Labrador, who almost and always destroys any toys =))

Rated by M. Dy
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