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Rogz Alpinist K2 Brown Dog collar - Large

Rogz Alpinist K2 dog collar - Large

Rogz Dog collar


Small - Kilimanjaro : 20-30 cm x 1,1 cm (8-12")

Medium - Matterhorn : 26-38 cm x 1,6 cm (10-16")

Large - K2 : 34-54 cm x 2,0 cm (13-22")  / RogLoc

XLarge - Everest : 43-70 cm x 2,5 cm (17-29") / RogLoc

XXL - Big Foot : 50-80 cm x 4,0 cm (20-32")

for medium Dogz - Spaniel, Boxer, ....

Rogz Alpinist

Soft Webbing - ROGZ Alpinist high grade webbing is soft on the hands, but still great durability. Joins are box-stitched, for strength and security.
RogLoc   - RogLoc is the Fort Knox of release buckles.
Contoured Plastic Component   - ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snuggly.

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Brilliant product

Rated by Kirsty

Great collar, great service, would recommend

Rated by Peggy

I am not going to write a separate review for each item I purchased. I purchased one of these collars years ago at a pet store near me. They stopped carrying them so I could not get another one. I was disappointed because I liked them very much. I tried the web site and could not get through to anything. So I decided to try the web site again a few years later. I am glad I did, I did not have any trouble this time and decided to stock up on the products. I am very happy with them and think they are great to have. The tension of the produce is not on the clasp which I think is very good and that the clasp locks so you do not lose your pet.

Rated by Sally Murphy

Rogz makes great products! They last forever. I bought this style/color at least 5yrs. ago. It shows some wear now, but it still works perfectly. I bought it originally for my Pitbull because of the locking feature on the snap closure. Don't know of any other brand that has it. Nice to know that if I have to grab him by the collar I won't accidedntly unsnap his collar if I grab it by the closure. Only reason I will replace it is so I have one that looks better.

Rated by Donna Gale
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