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Rogz Alpinist Everest Orange multi-purpose lead 160cm XLarge

Rogz Alpinist Everest multi-purpose dog lead 160 cm XLarge

This lead can be adjusted for use in 6 ways

  • long lead
  • medium lead
  • short lead
  • double lead
  • shoulder lead
  • temporary tie

Medium - Matterhorn : 160 cm x 16 mm (0,6in)

Large - K2 : 160 cm x 20 mm (0,8in)

XLarge - Everest : 160 cm x 25 mm (1,0in)

for large Dogz - Labrador, Rotweiler, Bouvier,....

Available in 160 cm lengths and can be adjusted to use in 6 ways.

Rogz Alpinist

Soft Webbing - ROGZ high grade webbing is soft on the hands, but still great durability. Joins are box-stitched, for strength and security.

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Bought a matching set and have used them for our last 3 dogs. The only issue that we have is that it would work better for us if there was a loop near the collar clip that allows for short lead work. Other then that, the longer length works well and the colours are fun.

Rated by Marion

Excellent quality product, excellent customer care. Kept in good contact with us regarding delivery. I would definitely buy from here again

Rated by Dee

This multipurpose 6-way lead is the BEST for my huge German shepherd from Germany! I highly recommend it to anyone with a large dog. The quality and craftsmanship is Excellent! And when I walk 2 Shepherds on 1 lead/leash, it has the pleasant effect similar to 2 Mules on a harness. The dogs/mules pull against each other, not me. So I just attach a 2nd leash on the center ring to the 1 connected to the 2 dogs, and we all have a pleasant walk! Try it. You'll LOVE it!

Rated by Captain John

For some reason, these multi-purpose leads are hard to find. They're wonderful, sturdy and versatile.

Rated by Hope Ewing
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