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Red Dingo Turquoise Large Dog Collar

Red Dingo Dog Collar Classic Large

Red Dingo Dog collar


XS : 20 - 32 cm x 1,2 cm (8-13 in x 0,4 in)

Small : 24 - 36 cm x 1,5 cm (9-14 in x 0,6 in)

Medium : 31 - 47 cm x 2,0 cm (12-19 in x 0,8 in)

Large : 41 - 63 cm x 2,5 cm (16-25 in x 1,0 in)

Webbing - Premium nylon webbing, woven from quality fine yarn for a softer feel. Densely woven edges for maximum abrasion resistance. Exceeds ISO standards for washing and UV colour fastness.
Design Ribbon - Special weaving techniques, including ‘back binding’ prevents loose threads and produces a durable, abrasion resistant ribbon. To enhance lustre and brightness of colours, only full light yarn is used
D-Rings - Fully welded from solid stainless steel. D-rings will not rust and therefore will not discolour pet’s fur.
Bucklebone - An original Red Dingo trademark and registered design. 'Bucklebones' are designed not only to look good, but to be amongst the strongest side release buckles used in the pet industry. Only imported virgin Acetal is used to ensure strength.
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I like Red Dingo's colors in terms of color and quality. In addition, my dog ​​is a Labrador Retriever, weighs 25 kg, and the color size is just L.

Rated by Shoji
Shoji photo

I like the quality and the cuteness of the design. I purchased the same product in different colors. It looks great with my labrador retrievers (26 kg).

Rated by Shoji

I have received the item. Thank you for your prompt and courteous response. I am truly satisfied with the high quality of RedDingo and the wonderfulness of coloring. I also want to buy different color products for my dog (Labrador Retriever, 27kg).

Rated by Shoji

Would recommend!

Rated by Carolina
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