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Red Dingo Stars Lime XS Dog Harness

Red Dingo Dog Harness XS

chest circumference : 29 - 42 cm (11-16 in)

neck circumference : 25 - 39 cm (10-15 in)


Size Chest Circumference Neck Circumference Width
XS 29 - 42 cm 25 - 39 cm 1.2 cm
Small 36 - 54 cm 30 - 48 cm 1.5 cm
Medium 45 - 66 cm 36 - 59 cm 2.0 cm
Large 53 - 78 cm 46 - 76 cm 2.5 cm
XLarge 71 - 113 cm 62 - 109 cm 2.5 cm

Red Dingo dog harness

Webbing - Premium nylon webbing, woven from quality fine yarn for a softer feel. Densely woven edges for maximum abrasion resistance. Exceeds ISO standards for washing and UV colour fastness.
Design Ribbon - Special weaving techniques, including ‘back binding’ prevents loose threads and produces a durable, abrasion resistant ribbon. To enhance lustre and brightness of colours, only full light yarn is used
D-Rings - Fully welded from solid stainless steel. D-rings will not rust and therefore will not discolour pet’s fur.
Bucklebone - An original Red Dingo trademark and registered design. 'Bucklebones' are designed not only to look good, but to be amongst the strongest side release buckles used in the pet industry. Only imported virgin Acetal is used to ensure strength.

product color:green
Product type:dog harness
Brand:Red Dingo 

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These are really well made, bright and colourful and safe for everyday use. I doubt very much my dog could ever escape from his. There is one problem for me though and this has prevented me buying another for my second dog. I purchased this one for a chihauhau and I have to be very careful that I don't hurt his eyes when pulling the harness over his head. To get it on safely, I have to loosen the neck loop beforehand, so that I can manoeuvre it over his head safely and then tighten it up again once it is on. This is very difficult to do, as the fastener is so tight and stiff, I really struggle with it. I am considering buying another harness that opens up at the neck, then I wouldn't have this problem.

Rated by Diana
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I initially had great difficulty finding a harness to fit my Toy Poodle comfortably (Poodles shouldn't wear a "collar" which might restrict as it can damage their very narrow throat so harness is best) however when I bought my first Red Dingo harness I knew straight away this was right for my is VERY adjustable, very soft and comfortable for her to wear and I wouldn't buy any other! We have quite a wardrobe of colours and patterns and she looks great in all of them! Thank goodness for Red Dingo! Thanks to Global Dog Shop as well..always terrific service.

Rated by Janice
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