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Red Dingo Lumitube red Dog Collar 15-50 cm

Red Dingo Lumitube

Illuminated Safety Collar


15 - 50 cm (6-20")

15 - 80 cm (6-32")

Red Dingo Lumitube
Size to fit - LUMITUBE is available in two lengths and to tubing can be cut to size.When fitted correctly, the LUMITUBE should slip on and off the dog’s head without undoing the loop
Quick release connectors - allow the collar to be assembled and disassembled in seconds, making the fitting process quick and simple
LED - The tube is illuminated by 2 powerful LEDs resulting in a bright, even glow
Waterproof - the LUMITUBE collar is waterproof and suitable for swimming and wet weather outings.
AAA Battery - LUMITUBE runs on one AAA battery (included). Battery replacements are inexpensive and widely available, unlike some button batteries

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Very handy and beautiful, you are my favorite shop

Rated by Chris
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Excellent product , well priced.

Rated by John
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i love my collar my owner can see me over the park in the dark

Rated by molly
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I have these collars for all of my dogs and have recommended them to many of my park friends. They far outweigh any of the other makes available (to my knowledge). They're waterproof and are powered by a simple battery which when needed, can easily be replaced. They are very visible from a distance and I have no negative points to make.

Rated by Caroline
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