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Red Dingo Donut Large Chocolate
Red Dingo Donut Large

Red Dingo dog bed

Designed and constructed for absolute pet comfort and long lasting good looks

small 45 x 60 x 18 cm ( internal size 20 x 35 cm)
medium 60 x 80 x 21 cm ( internal size 35 x 55 cm)
large 75 x 100 x 21 cm ( internal size 50 x 75 cm)
xlarge 97 x 130 x 21 cm ( internal size 72 x 105 cm)

1. Foam base and sides: Most beds on the market use loose stuffing which can move around leaving a collapsed bed with no cushioning for the pet. The Red Dingo bed has a foam base layer providing a lasting padded surface. The foam sides ensure shape retention for pet comfort and long lasting good looks.

2. Machine washable cover: Quality zippers allow the cover to be easily removed for washing.

3. Waterproof membrane: A waterproof, polyurethane membrane encases the interior of both the pillow and the donut. This keeps the internal padding clean and dry, preventing bacteria growth and odours.

4. Wadding: Wadding encases the loose stuffing. This provides shape support and an extra layer of comfort.

5. Loose Stuffing: Silky, non-clumping stuffing provides ongoing cushioning and allows the bed to conform to the shape of the pet.

6. Reinforced Microber: The microfiber covers have a natural suede feel and are reinforced with a backing layer. This increases durability and gives the bed a smooth-line finish

available for EU and European countries
For other country, please contact us
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Really pleased with the Red Dingo pet bed. I fully understand why it is a bit more expensive than some beds; it has a superb structure, nice padded sides that won't collapse easily, lovely padded base and a strong fabric - particularly underneath which is where our last bed failed. And most importantly Brinkley (our dog) loves it. He is a medium to large dog, a Korthals Griffon, and he fits into the large bed perfectly with all four legs outstretched

Rated by Lindsey

Costly but great product and worth the extra money. I haven't tried washing it yet.

Rated by Anne

Good quality bed!

Rated by Yrjo

Eventually arrived which was NOT the fault of Global Dog Shop but PARCELFORCE who for some reason could not read the label, even though it was clearly marked with my full name and address, and mobile number on it !!!! I have made numerous purchases with GD shop and never had anything go astray. The bed is very well made, no floppy sides, our 10 month old Golden Retriever loves it and takes bone into the bed, marks have vacuumed off the sides of this bed. Very pleased with Global Dog Shop's discount of 15%. Love it and so does Calli.

Rated by LJ
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