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Excellent quality. Looks fab.

Rated by Suzi

Pale blue paw print medium tag with mobile number on reverse. Fantastic quality and comes with a split ring so you can quickly put it on Pebble’s rust coloured collar. This is 3rd I have had in the years of owing dogs. Also used a tag in dark blue with silver stars for carer’s towel hung on bathroom folding door on a double peg and towel which is washed every day and message reads TOWEL CHANGED DAILY. Works well and carers all notice message and constantly reassures them they are drying their hands on a clean towel when I am out at work. Love the quality and way every part of the process is so well thought out and delivered. Thanks.

Rated by Sue Prior

I firmly believe that these identity tags represent excellent value for money. Barring being lost they should last for the life of the dog.

Rated by Peter Hill

Excellent good quality dog tag. I ordered a size medium tag for my Rgodesian Ridgeback. There is ample space on the back to engrave his name, two phone numbers and full house address.

Rated by Kristina

Excellent quality dog tag, with good, clear engraving. Have ordered a number of these tags over the years I have been a ‘global’ customer and, like all their products and services, they never fail to please.

Rated by Sally

Excellent sturdy high quality product for my brown and white Border Collie.

Rated by Ray
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