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Red Dingo Dog ID Tag Medium 30 mm

PET ID TAGS Stainless Steel + Enamel

At Red Dingo, we are passionate about producing the highest quality pet products and our pet ID tags are no exception. Manufactured from solid stainless steel, they will not rust, break or corrode. We guarantee our pet ID tags will outlast all other brands.
Benefits of the Red Dingo pet ID tag engraving service:
World’s largest range of tags
Solid Stainless Steel with Enamel pet ID tags

Free shipping worldwide from :
Red Dingo GmbH Switzerland

Small - 20 mm
Medium - 30 mm
Large - 38 mm

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I have purchased these tags in the past and they are very good quality. My eldest dog is almost eleven and his tag is still as good as new. I would recommend them.

Rated by Linda

We are happy with the name plate for our dog. Good quality, timely delivery.

Rated by Beverly

Excellent quality. Looks fab.

Rated by Suzi

Pale blue paw print medium tag with mobile number on reverse. Fantastic quality and comes with a split ring so you can quickly put it on Pebble’s rust coloured collar. This is 3rd I have had in the years of owing dogs. Also used a tag in dark blue with silver stars for carer’s towel hung on bathroom folding door on a double peg and towel which is washed every day and message reads TOWEL CHANGED DAILY. Works well and carers all notice message and constantly reassures them they are drying their hands on a clean towel when I am out at work. Love the quality and way every part of the process is so well thought out and delivered. Thanks.

Rated by Sue Prior
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This product is shipped on Jan 18 2021
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