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Red Dingo Dog ID Tag Diamante Circle Small
Red Dingo Dog ID Tag Small 20 mm

PET ID TAGS Stainless Steel + Enamel

At Red Dingo, we are passionate about producing the highest quality pet products and our pet ID tags are no exception. Manufactured from solid stainless steel, they will not rust, break or corrode. We guarantee our pet ID tags will outlast all other brands.
Benefits of the Red Dingo pet ID tag engraving service:
World’s largest range of tags
Red Dingo is the only company to offer Solid Stainless Steel with Enamel pet ID tags
Supplied with stainless steel attachment ring – will not discolor pet’s fur

Free shipping worldwide from :
Red Dingo GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 32
6422 Steinen, Switzerland

Small - 20 mm
Medium - 30 mm
Large - 38 mm

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Very happy with tag, it's hard to find one this size for a toy breed dog. Thanks

Rated by Dolores

The tag itself is gorgeous and feels very durable BUT it was very hard to get on the supplied ring - not sure why this can't be done before it's sent. Engraving could have also been a little bigger. My dog is super shy and pulls away from people she doesn't know. If she was lost someone would need to get very close to read it, which I'm not sure she'd let them do. I got the medium one for my other dog, who is super friendly so the small engraving won't be an issue for her.

Rated by PM
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This product is shipped on Oct 25 2021
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