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Red Dingo Dog ID Tag Large 38 mm

PET ID TAGS Stainless Steel + Enamel

At Red Dingo, we are passionate about producing the highest quality pet products and our pet ID tags are no exception. Manufactured from solid stainless steel, they will not rust, break or corrode. We guarantee our pet ID tags will outlast all other brands.
Benefits of the Red Dingo pet ID tag engraving service:
World’s largest range of tags
Solid Stainless Steel with Enamel pet ID tags

Free shipping worldwide from :
Red Dingo GmbH Switzerland

Small - 20 mm
Medium - 30 mm
Large - 38 mm

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Rated by Mónika Pécsiné Puskás

This is the third tag Ive purchased and am more than happy with the quality and appearance..cant get any better. That and a brilliantly speedy delivery - what more can one want! Many thanks again

Rated by Lynne Timm

excellent quality,excellent price,excellent engraving and the most important is that it's very beautiful!

Rated by George Hatzidakis

Excellent product - the tag is deeply etched and will last a lot longer than other cheaper brands where the name and telephone number quickly become dirty and almost illegible.

Rated by Clint Gibson
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