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Rogz Alpinist Everest Black Choker Half-Check - XLarge

Rogz Alpinist Everest Half-Check collar - XLarge

Rogz Half-Check collar


Medium - Matterhorn : 10-16" x 0,6"  (26-38 cm)

Large - K2 : 13-22" x 0,8"  (34-54 cm)  

XLarge - Everest : 17-29" x 1,0"  (43-70 cm)

for large Dogz - Labrador, Rotweiler, Bouvier

Helps prevent dogs from backing out of their collar.

Rogz Alpinist

Soft Webbing - ROGZ Alpinist high grade webbing is soft on the hands, but still great durability. Joins are box-stitched, for strength and security.
Die-cast ring  - Custom designed die cast ring (no welding). Electroplated chrome for a tarnish free finish.
Contoured Plastic Component   - ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snuggly.

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Brilliant product, excellent service

Rated by Stuart Caddy

I love this collar,my dog usually gets a rash from wearing a collar but with the half-check I can keep it lose but with the knowledge that he can't slip out of it.

Rated by Sue Oswald
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