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Rogz Alpinist Matterhorn Orange Dog collar - Medium

Rogz Alpinist Matterhorn dog collar - Medium

Rogz Dog collar


Small - Kilimanjaro : 20-30 cm x 1,1 cm (8-12")

Medium - Matterhorn : 26-38 cm x 1,6 cm (10-16")

Large - K2 : 34-54 cm x 2,0 cm (13-22")  / RogLoc

XLarge - Everest : 43-70 cm x 2,5 cm (17-29") / RogLoc

XXL - Big Foot : 50-80 cm x 4,0 cm (20-32")

for small Dogz - Scotty, Pug, Terrier, ....

Rogz Alpinist

Soft Webbing - ROGZ high grade webbing is soft on the hands, but still great durability. Joins are box-stitched, for strength and security.
Contoured Plastic Component   - ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snuggly.

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I am very impressed with both collars that I purchased from you but my youngest puppy that I have, still finds them very tasty to chew. I'm sure that she will grow up as that was why I had to purchase two from you. (I have 8 Cocker Spaniels and now a 5 month old corgi. The next youngest cocker is 3 1/2 years old and was a chewer when younger. So yes, they stop as they grow up. I hope.)

Rated by Beverley Clark

The collars that I bought are good (and they are still in the same condition as sent to me) and they still match a cocker that is white & red and a bob tailed corgi that is red & white . If my black cockers need more collars (which they will in time) then these collars will look beautiful on them too. (As they will fit them as well.)

Rated by Beverley Clark

An attractive lightweight collar.

Rated by Eileen Peters

Lovely collar, very reasonable price .

Rated by Suzanne
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