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Red Dingo Bone Yard Brown multi-purpose dog lead 200 cm Medium

Red Dingo multi-purpose dog lead 200 cm Medium

Functional, durable and attractive.

This lead can be adjusted for use in 6 ways

  • long lead
  • medium lead
  • short lead
  • double lead
  • shoulder lead
  • temporary tie
Webbing - Premium nylon webbing, woven from quality fine yarn for a softer feel. Densely woven edges for maximum abrasion resistance. Exceeds ISO standards for washing and UV colour fastness.
Design Ribbon - Special weaving techniques, including ‘back binding’ prevents loose threads and produces a durable, abrasion resistant ribbon. To enhance lustre and brightness of colours, only full light yarn is used
D-Rings - Fully welded from solid stainless steel. D-rings will not rust and therefore will not discolour pet’s fur.
Clip - Style and strength. Interchangeable lead clips featuring patented ‘lug and plug’ system

medium size 200 cm x 1,8 cm (-2015)


XS : 200 cm x 1,2 cm (6,5 ft x 0,5 in)

Small : 200 cm x 1,5 cm (6,5 ft x 0,6 in)

Medium : 200 cm x 2,0 cm (6,5 ft x 0,8 in)

Large : 200 cm x 2,5 cm (6,5 ft x 1,0 in)

Available in 200 cm lengths and can be adjusted to use in 6 ways.

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It's ok! Not really safe to use as a double lead as there is not any grip on lead for two dogs to be kept safely under control, especially along side a road. If your dogs don't pull on lead at all it might be ok. It's fine as a longer lead but isn't really worth the extra money.

Rated by Rachel
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